The EDC Fluux

Magnets make it better…

The special feature of the Fluux, and its namesake is the addition of the strong neodymium magnet housed in its cap. This magnet allows the cap to “post” at the rear of the pen. I’m sure we could drum up some fancy “features“ to share with you but in all honesty magnets are fun to play with and thats about 98% of the reason this pen has one.


N52 14800G Cap Magnet

A bunch of fancy tech info for “pretty strong magnet”…not particle beam accelerator strong, but plenty for its purpose.


Tungsten Carbide Refill Ball

I just wanted to write that, some very clever folks at Fisher made one wizz-bang of a refill…it writes in space, should work on your desk.


Individual Serial Numbers

Every single pen has its own model and serial number, a simple way of showing that each pen is built with care and passion.