Our shop is outfitted with multiple 3D printers, 2 CNC milling machines and a high precision metal lathe.  Majority of our custom projects make use of one or all of these tools.  The shop is also equipped with a standard setup of tools for wood working.

The printers are great machines for prototyping work, as well as producing visual models faster and cheaper then the CNC mill.  This is the most cost effective way to find flaws in a design before committing to more expensive CNC machining.

The CNC mills can produce beautiful 3D machined parts in woods, plastics, and soft metals (aluminum, brass, copper, etc.)

Pricing is based on material, machines required, time and complexity.  This is a difficult thing to blanket quote so please send me an email with your project idea and we can start the process.  I have no charge for initial design consultations and look forward to helping people materialize their ideas!