All well planed projects start with a design.  In house we use professional level 3D design packages to draw up projects one step at a time.  Once the digital design is set there are many different ways we can move forwards.  The gallery above shows the CAD renderings we are able to produce.

"How do you design around my project"

Normally this starts with a simple email conversation.  Sometimes the customer supplies a drawing of what they envision, sometimes its just a vague idea that needs refining.  On the very rare occasion its a fully dimensioned drawing with tolerances and required features...but normally we work with the average person who isn't a designer by trade and has never touched a CAD program.

"How do I know what its going to look like"

We quickly draw up a blueprint of the design, nothing too detailed just something to get feedback on.  From this the process bounces back and forth (typically via email) slowly becoming exactly as you envisioned.  The files you will be viewing are embedded PDF's so there is no need to download fancy software to see the beginnings of your project.

"The design is what"

From here we can produce your design in house.  If the scope of the project exceeds our capabilities we can provide you with the 3D cad files of your project (industry standard formats) which you can take for yourself, or to another shop that may specialize in the area you require.  Lastly we can take your digital designs and produce a beautiful 3D rendering, this is a great avenue for people looking to show off their product without manufacturing it, the gallery at the top of this page showcases 3D generated images using our software.

"I don't want others to know about my project"

We take customers privacy seriously.  All projects shown online are done so with the customers consent.  NDA agreements are provided if required and all information between the 2 parties will be kept confidential unless otherwise agreed to.  If you want your project featured on our blog please let us know!  Sharing the manufacturing views with the world is something we love to do!