MK2 Prototypes

Dark and off focused images, tooling marks,  what gives?  Well these are the first looks at the prototype for the MK2 pen I've been working on...not an official launch, but a taste of whats to come.  Normally I keep my prototypes to myself but I am so excited about this pen I can't wait to show it off!

I've built 4 of these prototype so far, each slightly different from the other.  There are many things I'm trying for the first time with this design so I needed some functioning pens to provide some real world testing.  Over the coming weeks I'll be releasing a few of these beta units into the wild to get some feedback (from people other then myself), but overall I am very VERY happy with how this design as turned out.

Please stay tuned for updates on the official launch.  I will be offering a discounted price to people who pre-order and will update the store with a select number of spots.  It has been my goal to produce a proper bolt action pen, something just as rugged as the MK1 while showcasing some finer design elements.  I think I've nailed it with this unit and I can't wait for its official launch!