MK1A - Space Pen

Yes the wait is finally over!  After toiling away with CAD making sure I had the required space and material to mill away, I've produced my first all aluminum pen in the machinist series called the MK1A.  The photos below are images of the first prototype which lacks a few features I will include in the production unit.

The pen is 100% aluminum and has a single part grip, since there is no need to use a press fit sleeve.

The pen has a very VERY light feel in the hand.  I'm quite used to the heft of my prototype MK1 but I will say that the reduced weight is nice when dropped into my pocket

Here you can also see the freshly polished aluminum next to my original pen. The brass and aluminum develop a beautiful patina over time...but the lightly polished surface of the MK1A looks really sleek.

The space pen has a far more blunt nose in comparison to the F701 refill...and I'm still not sure if I like the fatter line the space pen lays down but thats a matter of personal preference.

You can see in the above image that the prototype version has an oversized hole for the tip to exit the pen from.  I've ordered the correct number size drill (its not fractional in size for a slip fit like the 701) and after that we are off to the races!

Keep your eye on the store for this pens release.  If you have contacted me in the past regarding the SP refill you should be receiving an email shortly!