New Machine

So it turns out one is able to fit a benchtop milling machine into the back of a jeep!  I've had my eye on this particular machine for a LONG time.  This is the same machine as the G0704 which has a solid reputation online and a MASSIVE following.  


A fork lift placed this machine into my jeep...but I am lacking one of those at home.  Its not a light machine (130kg as it sits) so working it out and downstairs into my basement shop was somewhat of a challenge.

I decided to place this in my downstairs office as #1 is coming into winter here in the great white north and that makes for a cold garage, and #2 most of the work on my lathe these days is devoted to pens and having a mill right next to the lathe makes everything so much more efficient.  As you can see I stripped off the head to get it downstairs, and then proceeded to degrease everything with WD-40.

Once all cleaned and re-greased I aligned everything (shockingly x and y were nearly dead on and needed very little adjustment).  The Z column was significantly out of tram but a few minutes sweeping with a dial indicator fixed that right up.

I do plan on converting this over to CNC but right now I have a few projects that will be perfectly suited for this machine in its full manual setup.  I should have a few blog posts in the very near future about this machine and how it is preforming...I say this with confidence as the above pictures are weeks old and I've already cranked out some awesome metal milling goodness!  

Till next time!